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About Us

Call IQ

Our founders saw that many businesses today spend thousands of dollars in wasted advertising. Often not knowing which advertisements are and are not working. They are uncertain where to cut back. Call IQ was formed with the idea of creating a set of tools, services, and resources for businesses, helping them make better decisions.

Our Mission

Call IQ’s mission is to provide our customers with the tools and services they need to make educated
decisions to help them grow their business by:

  • Increasing the Effectiveness of their marketing
  • Increase sales volume
  • Improve their return on investment of Advertising
  • Improve customer service
  • Training and empowering of associates
  • Increase and maintain the quality of calls



Reliability is key. We know every call is crucial. We are committed to your business.

We have created our SAS 70 certified Data Center and Redundant server clouds for maximum uptime.
We have redundant Fiber optic peered connection, with redundant peered phone routing.
This allows you to focus on what you do best.

For details on our redundancy contact your Sales representative

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