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Dynamic Number Insertion

Dynamic Number Insertion
Dynamic Number Insertion is the only way to
get accurate SEO & PPC call tracking analytics
SEO and PPC campaigns are expensive and often not tracked correctly.
We know site vistors are great, but its the phone call you seek! How do you know if your efforts are resulting in phone calls? Dynamic Number Insertion from Call iQ!
What is Dynamic Number Insertion?

When a visitor lands on your website we change the phone number displayed based upon how they found you. We allow you track search engines, PPC campaigns or keywords, and any other link to your site. How we do it is where Call iQ changes the game!

How Does it Work?

We allow you to assign a unique tracking number for each way a person can find your website; What search engine did they use? Was social media what brought them to your site? Or was it a specific keyword from a PPC campaign? If it can link to your site we can track it specifically within OUR system! No longer do you need the complication of posting back to Google Analytic. Those complicated days have come and gone, But we can still do it if you want. You can now see all the analytics within Call iQ’s easy to read reports! Instantly know how well your SEO & PPC campaigns are working with real time analytics.

Is it Easy to Setup?

While you may be thinking our online call tracking is over the top amazing wait till you see the simplicity of setting it up! It’s as easy as 1 2 3!

Decide What To Track
Select and input the sites and keywords you would like to track into our easy to follow setup engine.

Assign Phone Numbers
Now it’s time to assign a unique phone number to each site and keyword you decided to track.
Copy & Paste
The only thing left to do is copy and paste the automatically generated snippet to your website and its instantly up and running.
Just like that it’s up and running in minutes!
You are longer left to judge your online marketing efforts with only the number of visitors or links clicked but you can now base your online marketing decisions off real conversion data. Jump into the 22nd century with Call iQ’s Dynamic Number Insertion!
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