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Call Scoring

Call Scoring
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Even if you have already started recording the calls your customers make to your business, you might not know what to do with all of that information. Obviously, it’s a lot to handle. However, with Score iQ, Call iQ’s call scoring strategy, you can narrow what you’re looking at and digest the information more easily.
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How Does Call Scoring Work?
With call scoring, you can listen to the recorded sales and customer service calls and give your employees a score based on a customized scoring sheet developed for your company. This process provides you with the ability to:

  • Hold your employees accountable for their performance
  • Rate the professionalism of each customer service interaction
  • Critique employees’ customer service skills
  • Track the progress of employee progression and improvement
  • Measure how well you are fulfilling your customers’ needs

Because call scoring allows you to gauge your employees’ performance, you can train them to get better in the areas that aren’t up to par. Additionally, you’ll know what to look for when you are hiring new employees.

If you are too busy to score your own calls, our customer service coaches are always ready to help! Talk to one of our Call iQ representatives today to start.

What Information Does Call Scoring Provide?
Because the call scoring sheet is easily available online, you can input the data and have Score iQ generate easy-to-read statistics, graphs, and charts that show you exactly where your employees are succeeding and where they could use some additional training. These call scoring statistics are easily printable so you can bring them directly to meetings or to the employee his/herself.

Call scoring can also be used directly with employees so they can evaluate their own performance and make suggestions for improvement.