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Live Analytics

Live Call Analytics

At Call iQ, we want your business to succeed in all the marketing you do. That’s why we want to make it fast and easy for you to get a look at how your marketing strategies are working.

Call iQ’s advanced report generator provides you with easy access to your files and allows you to view, search, filter, and customize all the reports in accordance with whatever you want analytics on. Our easy-to-read graphs, statistics, and charts make it simple for anyone to see what marketing strategies succeed and which ones aren’t very effective for your company.

How Do Call iQ’s Analytics Compare?

Because our goal is to offer our customers information that can help them make marketing decisions, our analytics are very simple to understand and to navigate. Additionally, our live call analytics:

  • Are completely customizable so you don’t have to settle with a one-size-fits-all system
  • Have export features so you can generate the reports and save them to your computer
  • Give you access to call information so you can anticipate your phone bill before it comes
  • Are available 24/7 at your convenience

No other live call analytics generator does exactly what Call iQ does. We offer so much flexibility and convenience that it is a wonder that you aren’t already using our call analytics!

Compatibility and Convenience

Our customers are always happy with the quality of our call analytics. That’s because we provide our customers with:

  • Reports that are instantly available online
  • Access to call recordings online or on your smart phone
  • The option to receive weekly or monthly emailed reports
  • Dynamic searches and statistics
  • The ability to export files in the form of Excel documents, PDFs, or CSVs
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