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Call Tracking

Call Tracking
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How Call iQ Works
5-step process
in a fraction of a second
Watch this brief video to see how our 5-step call tracking process works from assigning numbers to tracking each call on those numbers to delivering live, real, critical analytics about each call.
Call Recording
With Call iQ’s Smart Recording system, you can hear your company in action and take steps to make the overall process go more smoothly. With call recording coupled with call tracking, you can listen to each and every call that comes through to your business and use to it reward and train employees, market to your customers’ needs, and make sure that you encourage loyalty in your customers.
Instant 800 numbers
When you sign up for an 800 number, we can forward all the calls to the company number you use regularly. That way, you won’t have to get a separate phone line or make sure that you assimilate calls from both numbers. Once you get an 800 number or a local number from Call iQ, the number will be ready to use in a matter of minutes.
Call Greetings
Do you have work numbers, cell phone numbers, and call tracking numbers that require unique call greetings? Call iQ can help with that! You can set up your call greetings in just a few minutes without any complicated procedures or special recording equipment.
Live call analytics
At Call iQ, we want your business to succeed in all the marketing you do. That’s why our call tracking system makes it fast and easy for you to get a look at how your marketing strategies are working.