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Toll Free Number Benefits

Learn Toll Free Number Benefits

So you have a small business and want a way to make yourself feel bigger than you are.

What are some of the ways that you can expand your reach and value in the eyes of potential customers? Toll Free Number Benefits

There are a few very simple ways to reach this goal.

One of them is using a toll free number, sometimes called a 1-800 number. These numbers have been around for a long time now. It is very difficult to actually get a 1-800 number.

The TELCO companies know this so they have allocated a few more prefix’s to be used as toll free.
I am sure you have heard of most of them (888, 866, 877, 855) Since most people do not know of all these when ever you post the number I would suggest placing the words TOLL FREE in front of them.

So here are the TOP Toll Free Number Benefits.

Portability – Small businesses have the ability to change the ring (sound) to number. This is called portability.The number moves with you. It’s easy to change the ring to the number. This is something that we can do with our clients at no cost. Wish it was this simple to move the whole business this way.

Expanded Company Presence – Taking advantage of toll free benefits creates a larger expanded corporate presence. Because of these inexpensive services it makes it very easy to create an extremely professional large company image over the phone.

Expanded Marketing Power – Using of a local number is great way to capture local market, but when you want to expand past local market you will need a toll free number.
In today’s market it is a necessity if you are a start up company to have an easy way for customers to get a hold of you.

System Scalability – For smaller start up businesses that are tight on their budget, most 1 800 services have a “pay as you go” program. You just pay for the usage or calls to your toll free number as you need it.

Ease Of Use – Using a toll free number and its benefits is quite easy. For example if you were to get a number from us, you just pick from a list of available numbers and you select the one you want to use. Then we set it up and connect it to your office.

More Benefits of toll free numbers are:

  • Provide additional caller information including, the callers number even if the caller ID information is blocked.
  • Tracking and measurement capabilities.
  • Recording of all calls.
  • Demographics of callers.
  • Call Metrics including length of call.


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