Call Tracking is Great for Small Businesses!
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Call Tracking is Great for Small Businesses!

As a small, start-up or family-owned business, spending money on marketing can seem like a daunting option. You’ve heard that marketing is important to expand your company and reach your target audience more effectively, but you’re concerned about the risks involved.

That concern is completely understandable. With fewer dollars to spare, it is important that you make smart investments with a minimal amount of risk. When you invest money for your company, it’s imperative that you get a return that is more than worth the original money you put in. That’s where call tracking comes in! You can monitor the success of your marketing and reallocate money when needed.

Determining the Effectiveness of Your Marketing Strategies

With real-time call analytics, you can immediately see which marketing strategies are making a difference and which aren’t really doing that much for your business. For instance, if you put up a billboard ad and notice that very few calls are coming in on the call tracking number you put on the ad, you can be relatively certain that billboards aren’t an efficient method of marketing for you.

The billboards are just an example. This call tracking strategy works with all types of advertising. When you put a unique call tracking number on each of your advertisements, you can gather all the data you need to make educated marketing decisions for your company.

Customized Reports Make Small Business Decisions Simple

With Call iQ’s easy, customizable reports, you can see the information that is most relevant to your company’s marketing decisions. You can download the reports and have them available for business meetings whenever you need them, as well. At Call iQ, we care about the little guys and want to help them out as much as possible.

If you’re interesting in seeing what call tracking can do for your small business, request a demo from Call iQ today!

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