Get More Information on Your Marketing with Our Cost-per-call Feature
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Get More Information on Your Marketing with Our Cost-per-call Feature

At Call iQ, we do everything we can to provide your business with the most information possible regarding your marketing campaigns so you can make educated business decisions and invest wisely in marketing solutions. We’ve made that even easier with our cost-per-call feature.

With cost-per-call, you can see exactly how much each phone call costs you. When those numbers are conglomerated, you can determine whether or not a marketing strategy is making you enough money to be worth it. These concrete details are what allow you to manage your company more effectively.

How the Cost-per-call Feature Works

When you sign up for services from Call iQ, you will start getting information about where you customers are calling you from. For example, when you have separate phone numbers on your advertisements (that all route back to your office phone), we can keep track of the incoming calls and give you the numbers.

With the cost-per-call feature, we take that information one step further. Not only will you have the data on how many people are calling on a marketing strategy, but we’ll show you how much each call is costing your company. To figure this out, we simply divide the total cost of the marketing strategy with the total number of calls in a given time period.

What Can You Do with Cost-per-call Information?

If you aren’t making back what you’re spending on a marketing campaign, you either need to change the strategy or get rid of that altogether. You can easily see if a marketing campaign is not worth it with cost-per-call information. If, in sales, you aren’t making as much back as it costs to maintain the campaign, then the cost-per-call value will be exceptionally high.

This strategy will also allow you to compare marketing methods to see which ones are doing better than others.

If you want cost-per-call information to help you with your marketing decisions, request a demonstration from Call iQ today!

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