Get More Results from Google Analytics
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Get More Results from Google Analytics

Google Analytics has been lauded for its ability to help companies track their return on investment (ROI) in a number of different cases. Google Analytics can provide your company with information about how long the average person spends on your website, whether they are watching your videos, and more. However, Google Analytics is neither complete nor perfect, and Call iQ can make it better.

Call iQ has created a seamless integration to Google Analytics that gives your business even more information about your web marketing strategies. For instance, while Google Analytics will give you the numbers on how many people are clicking on your website, Call iQ will enhance that by indicating who of these visitors are calling you and what content is really driving actions.

How Can Call iQ Enhance Your Google Analytics?

The experts at Call iQ have crafted a functional way to gain insight into the trends of your customers so you can adjust your marketing strategies to fit around what works with your target population. This will allow your company to find out:

  • What clicks lead to phone calls
  • Which call to actions work
  • How to make web marketing more efficient
  • And more!

If you are currently using Google Analytics but aren’t getting enough out of it, Call iQ’s addition will give your company more marketing power so you can ultimately conserve funds and resources.

Getting Call iQ for Your Business

If you already have Google Analytics, then implementing Call iQ’s advanced strategy is easy. First, just make sure that you are using a Call iQ call tracking number, and we’ll help you set up the rest. In a matter of minutes, you’ll start getting more information about your customers’ behavior online than ever before.

To set up your Call iQ account, simply request a demo today!

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