How Can Call Tracking Increase My Company’s ROI?
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How Can Call Tracking Increase My Company’s ROI?

Whenever you’re working with marketing strategies, the idea is to get two, three, or twenty times what you put into advertising avenues back in increased sales. This idea is known as return on investment (ROI). With effective marketing, your return should be much, much higher than your investment.

Effective marketing begins with understanding which marketing strategies work for your company and which ones don’t. The key to keeping track of all that information is call tracking.

Optimizing Your Marketing Strategies with Call Tracking

Call tracking allows you to assign a unique phone number to each avenue of advertising you are using for your company. When a customer calls in, our programs will record which number they called so you can figure out which strategies you’re using are effective and which you shouldn’t spend money on anymore.

Once you feel that you have enough data on where your customers are finding out about your company, you can make educated decisions about which marketing strategies need to stay and which need to go. This way, you won’t needlessly put money into a marketing campaign that simply doesn’t work.

Rearranging Your Investments to Improve ROI

Though knowing which marketing avenues are effective is important, understanding how much money you should put into a campaign is equally important. There will be a point at which putting any more money into a marketing strategy won’t increase the rate of customer interest.

With the information you get from call tracking, you can examine the ratios of investment to return and make sure that the money you are putting in is coming back to you manifold each month.

If you’re interested in optimizing your marketing strategies and increasing your ROI, request a call tracking demo from Call iQ today!

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