How To Create Unique Call Greetings for Your Business
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How To Create Unique Call Greetings for Your Business

Whether you run your business from your cell phone or own several companies, sometimes it is necessary to have multiple call greetings for when your clients reach your phone or your answering machine. However, setting that up can be difficult without sophisticated recording equipment and technical know-how.

To make it easier for you to record separate greetings for your specific target audiences that call in to you, we have a system that you can use to create unique call greetings and customize your messages for specific audiences.

How Do Unique Call Greetings Work?

In order to create unique greetings for your customers, first you have to have a couple call tracking phone numbers. These will allow you to track where your customers are finding you and how they are hearing about you. In addition, you will get the option to record a different call greeting for each phone number you own, even though all of the calls forward to one place.

Recording call greetings is really simple as well. You have the opportunity to record the message, play it back, and decide whether or not you want to keep the message you just recorded. This way, you can use as many tries as it takes to make sure that your messages sound professional.

Using Separate Call Greetings to Your Advantage

With the ability to change your call greetings just by logging on to your Call iQ account, you can modify the greetings to match the current promotions you are advertising. These call greetings can also be used to sign people up for text marketing with the quick press of a button. There are plenty of options at your fingertips!

If you’re interested in seeing how recording unique call greetings would work for your company, request a demo from Call iQ today!

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